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What’s that?  You haven’t read Romantic Mayhem yet? 

Well here are some kindred souls that have let Mayhem in and opened their hearts to Romance.

  • Will Morgan of FA Comiczine casts an eye over Romantic Mayhem giving some great praise and some tough love!  Go check it out!
  • Rob Clough over at The Comics Journal includes Romantic Mayhem in his International Small Press survey
  • Rob Jackson reviews Romantic Mayhem here
  • Liam and Craig give Romantic Mayhem some airtime on their 100th Comic Cast show !
  • Optical Sloth gives Romantic Mayhem the once over here
  • Irish Comic News has a peek under the covers and reviews here

Romantic Mayhem Deluxe Digital Now Available

The Digital Romantic Mayhem Deluxe is now available to buy on Blurb for a mere €3.09 ($3.99)! 

Click on the link above to go straight to Blurb – couldn’t be easier!

All 56 pages in stunning Hi Definition ready to add to your iBooks library. 

Go Digital…Go Digital Deluxe…Go Romantic Mayhem Digital Deluxe…

You can still contact us to order an old fashioned hard copy of Romantic Mayhem!  nationaltragedycomics@gmail.com